[GD]My-T-$HarP Tue, 25. Jul 17 at 4:16 PM
hello people.

[GD]Darkangel Sat, 17. Jun 17 at 3:48 PM
hey hey mates

[GD]ukiainib Thu, 10. Nov 16 at 2:12 PM
up and running again

[GD]Darkangel Sat, 17. Oct 15 at 3:57 PM
hey. have now a new pc.playing pre alpha too.makes many fun.looks great.

brutal Sat, 10. Oct 15 at 7:51 AM
yea im playing pre-alpha

[GD]Darkangel Fri, 25. Sep 15 at 4:53 PM

[GD]Darkangel Fri, 25. Sep 15 at 4:52 PM
i i would but i cant,have not enough money at the moment

[GD]Fidelas^ Thu, 24. Sep 15 at 6:15 AM
hey guys sabot here anyone playing the alpha unreal?

[GD]Darkangel Mon, 21. Sep 15 at 4:07 PM
hey hey jt

[GD]JT Tue, 15. Sep 15 at 9:50 PM
hi every one

Zäta Sun, 06. Sep 15 at 10:57 PM
Amazing this still exist Respect guys. Found this oold account which had an APOTA tag

[GD]caireen Fri, 04. Sep 15 at 6:19 PM
JT ))) yes please removed your server Ian ans ts ))

[GD]ukiainib Thu, 27. Aug 15 at 7:10 PM
UT has been removed from the server, only TS and the forum were moved in July

[GD]JT Wed, 26. Aug 15 at 9:31 PM
pleaseeeeeeeese iain can you restart the 2k4 server

[GD]ukiainib Sun, 23. Aug 15 at 11:29 AM
Reset what JT?

[GD]JT Fri, 21. Aug 15 at 9:53 PM
ian ? whats happend to the server can you pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeee restart it

[GD]Mutator Sun, 26. Jul 15 at 11:46 PM
thnx m8! (again )

[GD]ukiainib Sun, 19. Jul 15 at 12:56 AM
TS is up and running on the address below

[GD]ukiainib Sat, 18. Jul 15 at 1:35 AM
If you use an IP to conect to the TS server you need to change it to ts.gravediggers.nu:9000 as itsall being moved

[gd]router Sat, 11. Jul 15 at 9:09 PM
Still a couple of us about lol

[GD]Doeschi Tue, 07. Jul 15 at 1:31 PM
hmm, should join the ts and have a chat one day

[GD]Mutator Sat, 04. Jul 15 at 1:53 PM
thnx m8!

[GD]ukiainib Sat, 04. Jul 15 at 10:43 AM
Up and running again

[GD]Mutator Wed, 01. Jul 15 at 7:37 PM
haha yeah, but as u can see there are still a few left hoping to see something happen ^^but yeah website is not used, ts is tho, iain TS is down atm, could u take a look at that?

[GD]Doeschi Tue, 30. Jun 15 at 2:55 PM
well, the last official game is 5 years ago... what do you expect? :-)

[GD]ukiainib Sat, 20. Jun 15 at 5:03 PM
Only 10 GD have looked on the site since January, So I think its time for the board to fade away. As we get more spammers than users.

[GD]JT Sat, 13. Jun 15 at 3:09 PM
or at least arrang a night to be on ts ??

[GD]JT Sat, 13. Jun 15 at 3:08 PM
hows about we all get together one night for some unreal

[GD]JT Sat, 13. Jun 15 at 3:07 PM
hi all

[GD]HypoArc Wed, 10. Jun 15 at 8:11 PM
Good job Iain, thanks for the fix

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POET 4 : 16
Aloha 2 : 0
APOTA 2 : 1
Pod 0 : 2
Clanwars - Details
More information about the clanwar.

Game Unreal Tournament 2004
Category ClanBase iCTF 3on3
Opponent Demons of the Hell
Squad UT2k4 iCTF - Team 1
Players 3 versus 3
Date Sat, 02. Feb 08 at 8:00 PM
Status Played
Result 8 : 14
Website clanbase.ggl.com/warinfo.php?wid=7402584&cid=1129529
Report -

Map Result Comment

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